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Fight allergies this Fall with Bi Yan Pian!


It's the month of September! No doubt this has been a very interesting year. The pandemic continues but we all still have to live our lives. The good thing is that by keeping ourselves healthy and following proper health protocols, we can weather this pandemic brought about by the Coronavirus. Aside from that, we have the knowledge needed to treat ourselves in case we are infected.


Western medicine has advanced to such a high degree of quality that the world has not seen in the past 100 years. However, this does not mean that Western medicine is perfect. When it comes to treating some minor health issues, the West uses pharmaceuticals. This means that in treating a common cold or flu or even allergies, your doctor is more likely to prescribe a pill for you to take. This method has been shown to be effective but with many side effects. Though it is highly regulated, some effects of these pharmaceuticals are toxic. Aside from that, many medicines are still expensive, making them out of reach to many people.


Western Medicine v. Traditional Chinese Medicine (Bi Yan Pian)


This has lead many people to look for other methods of treatment outside of Western medicine. You may be one of those searching for answers elsewhere. We have already stated in our blog articles that many of these answers can be found in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM has survived for thousands of years, being passed down orally from generation to generation as well as through numerous ancient writings. It includes various remedies using natural herbs which are very potent when mixed together. The ancient wisdom which we can get from these remedies are very helpful in treating allergies and other respiratory problems.


As we near the fall season, we are reminded of change. We see how those once green leaves turn to bright colors of yellow, red, and orange. Even in the changing of the seasons, there is something beautiful. One thing that does not change are those seasonal allergies and the sinus congestion which comes with it.


TCM allergy treatment - Bi Yan Pian


Ragweed pollen allergy is one common allergy which peaks at September in the United States. It affects around 23 million Americans. This can cause nasal decongestion or even asthma in some cases. These conditions can be minor inconveniences or a trip to the hospital depending on the severity.


You do not have to live with the inconvenience of these allergies this Fall or Autumn season. What if there was another way to treat these pesky allergies? Instead of over-the-counter allergy medicine, are there natural remedies which can help us?




Bi Yan Pian is a natural herbal formula to support your respiratory system during allergy season.  It can relieve allergy symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, stuffy noses, and itchy and watery eyes.

Bi Yan Pian can also be used as preventative measure for the control of the occasional allergy symptoms.


-Hay Fever / Seasonal Allergies
-Sinus congestion
-Common cold
-Sinus headaches
-Itchy and watery eyes


Treating allergies, runny noses, and clogged sinuses is something that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has studied for a very long time. When these symptoms are present, practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) would say that you have Wind-Cold blocking your exterior. This means that there is an internal accumulation of Lung Heat that needs to be removed or dispelled. They would prescribe treatments which make sure the Lung Qi's flow downward is restored. For more information on the concept of Qi, see our blog article.


Aside from runny noses, allergies can cause coughing. The constant whooping from your throat is also annoying at times. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners would say that aside from the exterior Wind-heat, there is also Interior Phlegm-Heat. This means that there is dampness in the throat which must be transformed before being drained.


The ingredients found in Bi Yan Pian are specifically chosen to address these issues. These ingredients restore the Qi balance in the lungs so that it can function properly. The ingredients and their actions in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  include the following (this is not an exhaustive list):


1. Magnolia Flowers (Hou Po Hua)


Magnolia flower in Bi Yan Pian for allergies


Main TCM actions: Regulates Qi flow and resolves Dampness


2. Platycodon Roots (Jie Geng)


Platycodon roots for Bi Yan Pian for allergies


Main TCM actions: Opens the Lungs and smoothes the flow of Lung Qi. Expels Phlegm and pus from the Lungs and throat, can be used for either Wind-Cold or Wind-Heat according to the other herbs in the formula. Directs the actions of other herbs to the Upper Warmer.


 3. Forsythia Fruits (Lian Qiao)


Forsythia Fruit in Bi Yan Pian


Main TCM actions: Expels Heat and toxicity from the Blood. Dispels External Wind-Heat. Reduces lumps, swollen lymph nodes and sores of a Heated nature.


4. Angelica Roots (Bai Zhi)


Angelica Roots in Bi Yan Pian


Main TCM actions: Relieves the Exterior and disperses Wind. Disperses Wind and Cold from the Yang Brightness channels. Relieves Wind-Damp Cold painful obstruction. Dries Dampness and pus and reduces swelling. Opens the nasal passages.


5. Anemarrhena Rhizomes (Zhi Mu)


Main TCM actions: Clears Heat and Fire from the Qi level. Clears Heat and Fire from the Lung and Stomach. Clears Heat and tonifies the Yin.


6. Chrysanthemum Flowers (Ju Hua)


Chrysanthemun flowers in Bi Yan Pian


Main TCM actions: Relieves the Exterior and clears Heat. Relieves Wind-Heat from the Liver channel and clears the eyes. Cools Heat of the Liver and Kidney due to Yin Deficiency. Relieves patterns of Liver Yang rising.


7. Saposhnikovia Roots (Fang Feng)


Main TCM actions: Relieves the Exterior and disperses Cold. Relieves Wind-Damp-Cold painful obstruction. Disperses Wind.


With Bi Yan Pian and its ingredients, you will not have a problem with your allergies this Fall season. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) remedies to allergies and nasal decongestion. There is a lot of value provided to us by TCM. Many more remedies are waiting to be discovered if only we are willing to learn from the wisdom of using herbal remedies to help with short term ailments such as allergies.

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NOTE: This article is for informational purposes only. For allergies and other nasal problems, always consult your doctor.

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