Boost Immunity With Honeysuckle Flowers to Prevent Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Benefits of Honeysuckle Flower

Honeysuckle Flower, also known as Jin Yin Hua (金銀花), is one of the common herbs used widely in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat conditions such as common cold, fever, inflammation and even gastrointestinal problems.  And here’s why!

First, let’s dive into some details about Honeysuckle Flower!

There are many species of the Honeysuckle Flower and they can be found in many parts of the world.  While this flower can be common in your area, not all species are used for medicinal purposes.  When it comes to TCM, only one particular species is used and it is Lonicera japonica, more commonly known as Jin Yin Hua.


The name “Jin Yin Hua” comes from the Compendium of Materia Medica (Bencao Gangmu 本草纲目), it is regarded as the most comprehensive medical book ever written in the history of TCM.  JIn Yin Hua literally means “Gold Silver Flower”, it is given this name because it has a white or silver appearance at the early stage of budding, then turns into a golden yellow color as it blossoms.

What is the Honeysuckle Flower used for in TCM?

The Honeysuckle flower is naturally sweet in flavor, this is pretty obvious given it is a flower, but what else do we need to know about it?  First of all, don’t be fooled by its elegant appearance, the Honeysuckle Flower is cold in nature, which means it has the ability to cool down the body, but it may not be suitable to everyone!

In TCM, the Honeysuckle Flower manifests its therapeutic effects in the following Meridian Channels: Lung, Large Intestine, Stomach and Heart.  Given the cold nature of the Honeysuckle Flower, these are the effects it has to the body:

  • Clears Heat and Fire Toxicity
  • Vents and Disperses External Wind Heat
  • Clears Damp Heat from the Lower Jiao (Lower Abdominal and Pelvic Area)
  • Cools the Blood and Stops Bleeding

As we mentioned before, the Honeysuckle Flower is cold in nature, therefore it counteracts the Heat developed in the body. 

What does it mean to have Heat in our body and how do we know if we it?  In TCM, the key to great health is to achieve balance and harmony between opposites.  The best explanation of it is with the Black and White Symbol of Yin-Yang.  We will go into more detail next time!

Yin Yang symbol in black and white  

Back to our questions!  What are the indications?  These are the presentations (examples are, but not limited to):

  1. Too much Heat and Fire Toxicity:
  • Hot, painful sores and skin eruptions such as Canker Sores, Pimples and Acne, Boils, Carbuncles and Abscesses

    2.  Too much External Wind Heat:

  • Pathogenic infection with Sore Throat, Chills, Fever, Headache
  • Heatstroke

    3.  Too much Damp-Heat:

  • Dysentery: severe diarrhea with presence of blood and mucus in stool
  • Lin Syndrome: Painful Urination and Kidney Stones 

Honeysuckle Flowers have many benefits and we personally like to make tea with it after eating Fried Chicken, MaLaTang (Spicy Hotpot) and even KBBQ!  The recommended dosage is 9-15 grams.  Rinse the Honeysuckle Flower, put it into a cup or thermos, add hot water and seep for 10-15 minutes.  Another way to get the maximum benefits of the Honeysuckle Flower is to boil it for 10-15 minutes on the stove!

 When should you not take the Honeysuckle Flower?

Like I mentioned earlier, the Honeysuckle Flower is cold in nature and it has cooling effects on the body.  Therefore, if you have one of the following problems, you should not be taking it! 

  • Those who are Cold, if you are afraid of the cold and constantly feel cold then the Honeysuckle Flower is not for you!
  • Qi, Spleen and Stomach Deficiency: Fatigue, Dry Mouth, Dry Throat, Poor Appetite, Low Urine Output, Dry Stool, Rapid Fine Pulse, Red Tongue, etc.

We hope all this information gives you a better insight about the Honeysuckle Flower!  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions! 

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