Health Benefits of Tibetan Baicao Tea & Baicao Tea Pearl

As we all know, tea is one of the most commonly consumed beverages in the entire world. Civilizations and cultures all consume tea on a daily basis. Due to the antioxidants and flavonoids commonly found in tea blends, tea has been clinically proven to improve your overall health. 

Tea is not just limited to the classic green or black tea that you consume, there are herbal variations that have proven health benefits as well! 

Tibetan Baicao Tea is a natural herbal tea product utilizing a proprietary blend of exotic herbs commonly found only in the Tibetan region. Known for its powerful detoxification properties, Tibetan Baicao Tea has been traditionally used to help alleviate allergies, inflammation, gout, and immunity enhancement. We tend to see more usage of Baicao Tea during allergy season, which may start as early as January, and end as late as June. It now comes in the Pearl Form ( Tibetan Baicao Tea Pearl ) for easier consumption!

So what exactly is in Baicao Tea? We take a look at some of the more common herbs inside.  Full disclosure: this list does not contain the full list of herbs






Another common question that we receive is: 

What is the difference between Baicao Tea & Baicao Tea "Pearl" ?
Baicao Tea and Baicao Tea Pearl are essentially the same product! While Baicao Tea comes in a loose tea format, the "Pearl" version is convenient packaged into tiny pellets for easier consumption. Some may enjoy the taste and texture of the classic Baicao Tea, but others prefer the convenience of consuming their tea in a pill format that is easy and fast to consume. The formulas are exactly the same. 
Add Baicao Tea to your routine for regularly maintenance in detoxification, and keep it stocked in your pantry in preparation for allergy season! 


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