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2020 is almost about finished. With everything that has happened, it makes us thankful to be alive. Just reaching December 31st is a milestone in and of itself. After pushing through all this year’s hardships, it is just right to celebrate the coming of the new year.

Like many people, you have probably been having holiday parties. With physical distancing and mask-wearing still enforced by many authorities, you probably celebrated with a few intimate friends and loved ones. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun. We should all learn to live a little.

Aside from delicious food, one way to celebrate is to drink alcohol. A bottle of beer or one glass of wine will not hurt you. Maybe a little eggnog would not be so bad. The problem is when we take a good thing like alcohol and abuse it in our lives.


alcohol consumption during the holidays - liver support no. 1

Many of us can’t wait to have a drink or two with our loved ones during these holidays. However, this is also usually the time when people tend to drink way above safe limits. This can lead to accidents related to alcohol intoxication. Long-term, drinking too much can have a negative effect on your liver.


Binge Drinking during the holidays

This type of excessive drinking of alcohol is also called binge-drinking. According to the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, a quarter of the distilled spirits industry’s $49-billion-a-year profits come from the time between Thanksgiving and the New Year. The period that starts before Christmas and ends on New Year’s Day accounts for some of the highest incidents of binge drinking and related public health problems.

With a lot of food and merriment to go around, drinking too much alcohol becomes easy. You would think that those who have always been heavy drinkers are more prone to do it during the holidays. This may make your liver queasy but that is not the case. Even social drinkers are not spared from the temptations of binge-drinking

Some people may say that it’s only for the holidays. They don’t drink much the rest of the year so it is fine. There are studies to debunk this. Binge-drinking can actually lead to liver damage.


alcohol consumption during the holidays

According to researchers at UC San Francisco, just seven weeks of intermittent binge drinking harms the liver in ways that more moderate daily drinking does not. In just 21 binge drinking sessions in mice, it produced fatty liver tissue and triggered early stages of inflammation, both indicators of alcohol-induced liver disease. This means that liver disease does not only affect long-term heavy drinkers. It can also affect moderate drinkers who decide to have an extra drink at a party.

The best thing to do is to still avoid alcohol if you can. It’s not worth having that extra drink if it will cost you your health. Remember, health is wealth. To help you protect that wealth, supplement healthy living with a great product - Liver Support NO.1 Gandezhi Capsule.

What is Liver Support NO.1 Gandezhi Capsule.

Liver Support NO.1 Gandezhi Capsule is a herbal remedy used to support healthy liver functions and promote blood circulation. It strengthens the spleen and liver and builds system immunity ability in the body. When your liver health is down, lift it back up. Liver Support NO.1 will help you do this.


Liver Support No. 1 during the holidays


What are the ingredients in Liver Support NO.1 Gandezhi Capsule.

Let’s take a look at some of the ingredients which make Liver Support No. 1, the number one choice:

1.Red sage roots
Pinyin: Dān Shēn

Prescribed by TCM practitioners for: 
-Irregular menstruation 
-Amenorrhea Dysmenorrhea 
-Chest pain 
-Rheumatoid arthritis 
-Hepatosplenomegaly Angina 
-Restlessness Insomnia


red sage root in Liver Support No. 1


As bitter herbs, red sage roots tend to have a cleansing action on the body. This is because it promotes elimination via urination or bowel movements. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it is in regulating the movements of body fluids. It is also said to help balance our emotions.

2.Schisandra berries
Pinyin: Wǔ Wèi Zi

Prescribed by TCM practitioners for:
-Urinary incontinence 
-Night sweats 
-Vaginal discharge 
-Dry cough 


Schisandra fruits in Liver Support No. 1


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Schisandra berries are considered Sour and Sweet ingredients. Sour ingredients help with digestion and restrain abnormal discharges of fluids from the body. Sweet ingredients detoxify the body.  This detoxification property makes it an excellent ingredient for Liver Support No. 1.


3.Baikal skullcap roots
Pinyin: Huáng Qín

Prescribed by TCM practitioners for:
-Chest pain 
-Bloody sputum 


Baikal skullcap roots tend to have a cleansing action on the body by promoting elimination via urination or bowel movements. They also have antibacterial and antiviral properties. It also helps the gall bladder. The Gall Bladder stores and releases bile produced by the Liver. This makes it an excellent addition to Liver Support No. 1.

Pinyin: Gān Cǎo

Prescribed by TCM practitioners for:
-Spasmodic pain 
-Sore throat 
-Abdominal pain


Liquorice in Liver Support No. 1


Liquorice is said to balance the effects of other herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Being a sweet ingredient, it is said to detoxify the body. It also has anti-ulcer and anti-viral properties. It is a good thing it is a constant ingredient in herbal remedies and supplements, including Liver Support No. 1.

5.Mulberry Fruits
Pinyin: Sang Shen

Prescribed by TCM practitioners for:
-Premature graying 


Mulberry fruit in Liver Support No. 1


Mulberry fruits have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antiobesity, antidiabetic, immunoregulatory, and hypolipidemic effects. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Mulberry fruits nourish the Kidneys and Liver or moisten the Lungs and Stomach. They are also used to regulate the movements of body fluids in the Liver. Another good ingredient for Liver Support No. 1.

How do you use Liver Support No. 1?

The best way to use Liver Support No. 1 is to take 4 capsules 3 times a day. Do not use it if you are pregnant. Also, make sure that children cannot reach it. Aside from these, anyone can use Liver Support No. 1.

Your liver needs to be protected from the harmful effects of alcohol. Do not drink too much even though everyone around you is. Do not binge drink the next few days. Do not forget to have Liver Support No. 1 Gandezhi Capsule as you end the year 2020.

Note: This has no approved therapeutic claims from the FDA. For liver disease and the health of your liver, always consult your doctor.

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