Wood Lock Oil- A Secret Pain Relief Oil For Arthritis!

Those of us who are getting older should also become wiser. We find that our body is not the well-oiled machine we thought it was in our younger years. This means we should avoid situations which can hurt our bodies.

A fall from even a low height can cause severe injuries. We find that there are a lot of pain relief medications around. Ointments and oils are a dime a dozen. They are there to help relieve pain in joints and muscles due to old age.

Worse, arthritis in its various forms seem to plague us time and time again. The pain we have is sure to keep us awake at night. Pain medications from your doctor seem to be the only solution. These are good but they can be a little expensive.

pain in joints and muscles due to old age

There should be other ways of finding relief from pain in joints and muscles. Western medicine has a lot of pain relief options but Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) also has other alternatives. As far back in history as we can go, the practitioners of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) have sought to provide effective pain relief remedies. This is for our personal use against diseases such as arthritis. 

That is why we want to let you know that there is a product which you can use. It helps with your arthritis and relieves or soothes the pain that comes along with it. Its ingredients are the key to its effective use. We have a lot of customer reviews to back us on those claims. But we'll get back to that later!

Wood Lock oil - Origins.

wood lock oil for joints and muscle pain

Wood Lock oil was developed in Hong Kong in 1968. Its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are deep. It is based on the original White Flower Oil recipe-with the added ingredients of different Chinese herbs such as Dong Quai. These herbs are said to increase blood flow and penetrate deep into muscles to soothe and relieve all sorts of aches and pains- including arthritis. 

A man named Wong To Yick created this and it is truly a masterpiece. It continues to be used by generations of satisfied people both in the East and the West.

What makes wood lock oil use effective against arthritis and other joint and muscle pains?

ingredients of Wood Lock Oil that makes it an effective Traditional Chinese Medicine for joint and muscle pain


Like we said earlier, Wood lock oil is effective because it contains many Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbal ingredients that help with pain relief.

The main ingredient  is Wintergreen Oil which is known as a counter-irritant. Counter-irritants create a feeling of cold or heat. This feeling can then overpower the painful joint or muscle. The same can overpower the pain you feel due to arthritis.

Other ingredients include menthol. Menthol comes from the mint plant which is a popular herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Mint is used to garnish food and drink around the world. That is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this versatile plant. Its soothing properties are what makes it an excellent herb for ointments and oils like Wood Lock Oil.

mint as one of the main ingredients of wood lock oil


Wood Lock Oil is so effective that a lot of people now use it for all sorts of aches and pains due to exercise, over-use, and arthritis. Here are some of our Customer Reviews:

Best muscle/arthritis topical pain reliever
Gina C. Lopina on May 22, 2020
"I love this product. No, it does not smell good-it has menthol and camphor as main ingredients-but it also has an anti-inflammatory. The price is good-a little goes a long way. Also, more of a liquid then an oil. Definitely will buy again..."
Love this product!!
Julia R on Jun 30, 2023
"My acupuncturist highly recommends this product, I use it for my muscle soreness. I bought some for myself and my family because it works so well!"
This is the best remedy for my arthritis
Rebecca Kitzman on Jul 07, 2023
"This is the best remedy for my arthritis in my thumb. I put it on and almost instantly the pain subsides. It stays on for at least 24 hours, if I don’t immerse my hand in water."

Dina Morales on Aug 10, 2022
"Been using this product for many years now, one bottle lasts a long time. I use it for my arthritis pains."


The reviews of this product speak for themselves. While you may still be searching for an effective medicine to use for your pain relief needs, these people have already found it in Wood Lock Oil. Even arthritis did not stop them from living their lives because of this amazing ointment.

How do I use Wood Lock Medicated Oil — Wong To Yick?

You should apply a moderate amount into your hands. Then, rub your hands together to warm it up a little. Massage it into the areas of the body which are painful. Massage it well so the oil goes deep into the skin and really stays there. 

For those whose parents or grandparents are feeling the effects of arthritis, show them love by giving Wood Lock Oil as a present. Better yet, give them a massage with Wood Lock Oil to make it real special. See how effective it is on their bodies when it provides that soothing effect.

wood lock oil provides that soothing effect

We want to bring Wood Lock Oil to the world so that more people can use this product to help with pain due to arthritis and other factors. That is why we coined the phrase “Keep it locked with Wood Lock”. Use the hashtag #keepitlockedwithwoodlock so that others can know about this amazing pain relief ointment.

We're also happy to inform you that herbsdepo is the official distributor of Wood Lock Oil here in the United  States! You can buy wood lock oil for your own use. You do not have to go through the coming Winter months worrying about pain due to arthritis. Wood Lock Oil is the pain relief ointment you will want in you medicine cabinet! 

Mr. Wong has got your back with Wood Lock Oil.

Make sure to grab a bottle of Wood Lock Oil at our online store today!

Note: Individual results may vary. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The statements on this website and all affiliates have not been evaluated by the FDA. Advice on treatment or care of an individual patient should be obtained through consultation with a trained health care practitioner.

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