Yunnan Baiyao – It Helps Manage Bleeding In Man's Best Friend

Your dog is in good hands with Yunnan Baiyao!

Here at Herbsdepo, we are dedicated to providing top-notch Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) for your family, including your furry friends. We proudly endorse the use of Yunnan Baiyao, a renowned remedy in TCM, for both you and your pets. Let's delve into the importance of health and why Yunnan Baiyao is a game-changer.

We all know that health is wealth. Once your health is down, your ability to work and play is severely affected. Aging also contributes to poor health. The elderly do not heal as fast. Worse of all, their immune systems get more and more compromised. Lifestyle also plays an important role so we cannot emphasize proper diet and exercise enough!

Yunnan Baiyao

The same thing can be said about your pets. Pets such as dogs and cats are very popular companions for many people. That is why for many of us, they are considered part of the family. These furry felines and cuddly canines provide a lot of help to those who suffer loneliness and depression. One study states that people who have dogs have lower blood pressure and are less likely to develop heart disease.

Dogs are especially loyal creatures. We know of dogs who mourn the loss of their owners. We also see videos of people who love their dogs so much that they cry tears of joy whenever they are reunited with their lost dogs. The pain is felt even more when some of these owners have to 'put down' their dogs because of old age or sickness. There are many sicknesses which can affect your dog.

bleeding in dogs

is a common sickness in both dogs and their human owners. Some cancers in canines include bleeding such as hemangiosarcoma. These are tumors which take place in the blood vessel linings. Not surprisingly, the result of these tumors is a lot of bleeding in the dogs.

Hemangiosarcoma (or HSA) is considered by veterinarians to be a very aggressive tumor and can spread rapidly to other organs of your dog. It becomes common in dogs who are around 9 to 11 years old. The most common organ it occurs in is the spleen. Other organs where the bleeding occurs is in the heart, liver, skin, and bone. The tumors may eventually spread to other organs such as the lungs.

Seeing a dog suffering this way is a nightmare for any dog lover. Many people find themselves helpless on what to do. This is the same feeling that Chinese soldiers felt when they were fighting the Japanese during the Sino-Japanese War. They were hard-pressed by the heavy fighting but they did not give up. Many soldiers who were wounded were treated with Yunnan Baiyao. The 'White Medicine of Yunnan', as it is called, did wonders for these embattled troops. It gave them hope with all the bombs and bullets flying around. It helped stop their bleeding wounds and enabled them to continue the fight and eventually drive out the invading forces from their country.

That is why we recommend Yunnan Baiyao for dogs with bleeding. This is especially true for bleeding cancers like hemangiosarcoma. Yunnan Baiyao is getting very popular among vets the world over to help in both internal and external bleeding in all sorts of pets-- dogs, cats, and even horses! The effect of this medicine is clearly seen in man's best friend. A lot has been researched on the effects of Yunnan Baiyao on dogs who are experiencing bleeding. It can also be used to relieve pain in dogs who are suffering from very serious sicknesses. This is the fighting chance you would want to give your dog!


yunnan baiyao effectiveness in dogs

What makes Yunnan Baiyao so effective?

The movement of the body's Qi (energy) is important to practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). According to them, our illnesses and sicknesses are due to the Qi and blood flow stopping or being blocked. This foundation of TCM cannot be ignored by those who seriously consider holistic healing and its comprehensive effects. That is where Yunnan Baiyao comes in. The closely-guarded formula assists and helps the passage of Qi and blood to the areas of our bodies where healing is needed.

Some have suggested that Yunnan Baiyao activates the blood platelets to become blood clots. These blood clots eventually become scabs which is the body's way of naturally stopping hemorrhage. The same thing happens when Yunnan Baiyao is used on dogs! Many people can attest to the effectiveness of the medicine. Again, don't take our word for it.

Here are some of the Customer Reviews from our Online Store:

Clea G. on July 4, 2023
"I started using Yunnan Baiyao for my dog's occasional nosebleeds, and I'm amazed by the results. The bleeding stopped quickly, and I feel more confident knowing I have this product on hand to address any future episodes. It's a must-have for pet owners!"

Oliver R. on April 21, 2023
"My dog, Sally, has a tumor and we bandage it daily because she would lick it and make it bleed profusely. Our vet recommended Yunnan Baiyao capsules and what a miracle. The few times Sally has removed her bandage the cleanup has been minimal."

John M. on June 29, 2023
"This product has been a game-changer for my pet's health. It provided effective relief for their discomfort, and I noticed a significant improvement in their well-being. Highly recommended!"


Consider these general guidelines when giving Yunnan Baiyao to your dogs and other pets:
-For animals/dogs under 10 lbs, give 1 capsule by mouth one time a day.
-For animals/dogs from 10 to 30 lbs, give 1 capsule by mouth two times a day.
-For animals/dogs above 30 but less than 60 lbs, give 2 capsules two times a day.
-For animals/dogs above 60 lbs, give 2 capsules three times a day.


So there you have it! Protect your pets. Get Yunnan Baiyao Jiaonang for your dogs today!


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Disclaimer: Yunnan Baiyao has no approved therapeutic claims by the FDA. Always consult you doctor or veterinarian before using Yunnan Baiyao.

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