Yunnan Baiyao's Red Pill (What is it used for?)

Yunnan Baiyao: The Red Pill Explained

Yunnan Baiyao's red pill, available in capsules, powders, and sprays, is a remarkable medical marvel. Referred to as Bao Xian Zi in Chinese, it is commonly known as the "safety pill" or "trauma pill" due to its effectiveness in managing severe bleeding and hemorrhage, both internally and externally.

The exact composition of this red pill is a closely guarded family secret, but one key ingredient stands out: pseudoginseng. Research has shown that pseudoginseng alone can reduce bleeding times by half, indicating its crucial role in the formula. Each package contains just one red pill, making it essential to save and not discard.

The red pill is primarily intended for internal use, with a recommended dosage of one pill per day. It is particularly useful for treating shock resulting from significant hemorrhage and may also help alleviate pain. However, the specific ingredients of the red pill remain undisclosed.


When severe bleeding occurs, it is advisable to take the red pill alongside the first dose of Yunnan Paiyao. However, for less severe bleeding, the red pill is unnecessary. Alternatively, the red pill can be crushed and applied directly to the wound externally. For optimal results, it is advisable to combine the red pill with the powder form of Yunnan Baiyao to seal the wound effectively. In addition to its exceptional ability to halt bleeding, the red pill also aids in preventing infection and ensures a clean wound.

Yunnan Baiyao's red pill, with its mystical formula and versatile applications, proves to be an indispensable remedy for severe bleeding and trauma.

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