Makes 4 servings

Chinese Herbal Soup Mix for Good Health & Immunity is the ultimate, classic Chinese herbal soup that's great for supporting recovery in everyone. The exceptional herbal ingredients will support building immunity health, help flush toxins, build Qi, and strengthen blood flow. Each sip restores your energy, helping you feel better sooner. 

✔ Weak immunity
✔ Jet lag
✔ Overall poor health and wellness
✔ Aging
✔ Difficult surgery recovery
✔ Postpartum

Key benefits:
- Replenishes healthy antioxidants
- Improves immunity
- Strengthens the body
- Prevents relapses
- Family friendly



Astragalus Root (Huang Qi 黃芪) - Astragalus is one of only 13 herbs in the world that is labeled as Scientifically "Adaptogenic", which means that it has the unique capability to reduce the levels of stress hormones in your blood, therefore helping you to easily “adapt” to difficult environments, such as cold weather, stress from work or fatigue.  It is used to strengthen the inner energy of the body, boost the immune system, increase energy levels and increase resistance of the body to combat overworking and stress.


Codonopsis Root (Dang Shen 黨參) - An excellent anti-aging herb that helps combat Chronic Fatigue, Stress, Adrenal Fatigue and Digestive Problems. Also assists in Immune Defense, Digestive, Urinary Health and Brain Function.


Dried Chinese Yam (Huai Shan 淮山  / Shan Yao 山藥) - Long been credited with tons of health benefits because of its effectiveness in tonifying the Kidney and Spleen. This herb enhances energy, aids digestion and absorption, aids in tissue repair and helps alleviate fatigue.


Dried Goji Berries (Gou Qi Zi 枸杞子) - In TCM, poor eyesight is manifested by poor health of the Liver.  Liver is a major organ involved in detoxification and toxins buildup in the body when Liver Health is not at its optimal state.  This can occur when your body is malnourished, presence of inflammation in the body or even just an eye strain from staring at computer screens and documents for long periods of time. 


Dried Longan (Long Yan 龍眼肉) - High nutritional value, packed with vitamins and contains active anti-aging properties.  Helps to promote restful sleep, replenishing blood and Qi.


Black Dates (Hei Zao 黑棗 / Da Zao 大棗) - Also known as Jujubes, Black Dates are widely considered as the "Living Vitamin Pill" by the Chinese. It contains vitamins, sugar, fat, etc.  It is used tonify the blood, used for Blood Disorders such as Anemia and Thrombocytopenia.  Black Jujube can also support Immune Defense and possess Anti-Cancer Properties.  


- Invigorates the Qi
- Calms the Shen
- Clears heat


The slow cooker is a great modern way for making herbal soups. Not only does it have an earthern inner pot, it controls the cooking temperature and achieves a steady simmer without needing close supervision.

100% authentic -Ÿ 100% no additives or preservatives - handcrafted in small batches to bring you the freshest herbs


Are included. Just a 5-minute prep time!

For maximum shelf life, please store in a cool, dry place (refrigerator's bottom shelf is okay).



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