Ginseng+ Tea 花旗蔘霍山石斛羅漢果茶 by NATURAURA

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Ginseng+ Tea 花旗蔘霍山石斛羅漢果茶 by NATURAURA

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Ginseng Plus Tea - by NATURAURA


"The Immortality Herb" 

From the makers of the "4 Seasons Wellness Tea" comes the Ginseng+ Longevity blend by NATURAURA. This proprietary blend combines American Ginseng, Dendrobium (Shi Hu), and Monk Fruit to keep your body hydrated. Known colloquially as the ‘immortality herb’, Dendrobium has traditionally been used to remedy coughing, sore throat, sleeping difficulties, constipation, and to hydrate the body from the inside out. Monk fruit, often used as a natural sweetener also possess throat & lung restorative qualities (despite it being sugar/carb free). 

The refreshing zest of natural American Ginseng complements a hint of sweetness from the Monk Fruit and the earthiness of Dendrobium in  Ginseng+ by NATURAURA, the ultimate cough and lung wellness tea. Feeling parched? Have a sip, and let Ginseng+ do its thing. 

(Each bag contains 24 individual packets of Ginseng+ Herbal Tea by NATURAURA)

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